Lab & Environmental

Hydrolab, Teledyne, TriOS, ASA Analytics, Weber Entec, Flowtronic, Lufft

Process Control

LAR Process Analysers, Deckma, NextChem, BD Sensor

Water & Wastewater

Pulsar, ISOil, Chemitec, Ultraflux


Binder, AWITE, MSR

Who We Are

Established in 2009, HSA Asia Sdn Bhd is one of the competitive privately owned instrumentation providers. Over the past 10 years the business has grown exponentially throughout Malaysia.

What We Stand For

HSA Asia aims to deliver instrumentation solutions with a commitment to our customers, through integrity and dedication. Our vision is to create the synergy between products and services, in the provision of unequalled value for customers, employees and the greater community.

What We Do

HSA Asia provides high quality products and services to our clients; as well as showcasing extensive experience and expertise in providing total solutions in the following areas:

Sewage Treatment, Industrial Wastewater & Portable Water

Petrochemical & General Industries

Renewable Energy (Solar, Thermal, Biogas)

Hydrometry & Meteorology


Company Structure

Lab & Environmental

Process Control

Water & Waste Water

Renewable Energy


1) To empower all facets of industries with tools that better the goal of sustainability.

2) Enhance and enable optimization of processes through wholesome monitoring systems.

3) Ensure all aspects of client’s care post sales are met through the support and response of our sales & service team.


To support, enhance and develop the agenda of environmental sustainability encompassing water quality, bioenergy, sewage treatment and building automation.